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DSAD: Domain Name Auction Picks: Thursday 8/1

That was one hell of a month.  July is usually a slow month for me but I made an effort to sell a few domains at auction and had the fortunate luck of having some offers through email actually work out.  I’m really enjoying having this cash in my account and I’m doing every thing in my power not to move it over to my trading account and daytrade.  It’s my old living and it’s an addiction that’s hard to break.  I’ve lost quite a bit of money doing it but I’ve also had years where I made hundreds of thousands.  I’m way ahead for life but don’t want this year to be the year I give it back.  As I get older it gets easier.  I realize more how hard I worked for the money (actually didn’t really work that hard)  and don’t want to give it up because of some meaningless news that drove all stocks lower for the week.  I think I’ll just keep looking for that special domain or investment that will keep the money flowing.  And while it’s going to be tough to beat July, I’m hoping I do.   Annnnnnndddd  I just realized there’s another day in the month.  Looks like I have time to make a few last sales.  As for the list today.  Looks like Stephen Gregory put all his names up at Godaddy but they are at super high starting bids.  But still a hell of a portfolio.  Here are today’s names  Not huge value here but fun name.  15 years old All good letters.  The J is iffy but I’m in a good mood so I’ll like it today   221 million results.  No bidders  I feel like I’m putting these names up twice.  A ton of these go to public auction and there’s really no point to me putting them on until they go to the public setting. I just don’t know which names are going public auction.  Add an O to phone and you have a great phone brand  Nightclub/Disco in Spanish.  And a very fun word to say.  No bidders…..JK, plenty of bidders  Last name, food.  What more could you want   Fantastic name but owner played the auction all wrong.  Baxter is a newbie to auctions and it shows  Looks like Kroc has another winner on his hands judging by all the bids  I see flippin and I think most others do as well.   Under $200 at press time

NEW TUESDAY!!!! Working Godaddy Domain Code of the day.. $54.89 FOR THE DOMAIN DISCOUNT CLUB. BIG SAVINGSgd4735a    You know the dot com would go for a bunch.   What would 5 to 10% of that be? 18 years Don’t see the value in this one but pointing it out because others like it.  Looked it up.  Evidently some people have this as a name  I liked it a lot until I saw how high the bidding has gotten. Not saying it’s not worth it.  Already sounds like an aged website  PR 3 and gets a few hundred visits a month.   Dancing crabs can be a good and bad thing  Might as well get both  People hate waiting.  Hopefully this will be an app or site that makes you not have to Could be a great buildout.  And I loved the movie The Interns   Not sure what the story is but pretty sure it ends with Doritos  If you are going to buy a, this is the kind you want Good buy under $100 IMO


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