Flippa Recap: Pronounce.com, Matt.net, Critic.net sell. Bye.com, Weights.com, Powerful.com do not.

Jun 15 2014

Some domains that sold over the past weekmatt

Matt.net – $11,501 – Three bidders active above $6,000. I’m curious to see who picked it up……the guy pictured to the right surely wouldn’t settle for a .net?

Pronounce.com – $5,501 – Similar to PokerApp.com last week, the seller lowered the reserve to the current bidding level with less than an hour to go. In the case of Pronounce.com, bidding was at $5,500 when the reserve was lowered, and closed at $5,501. I think last minute reserve reductions are a big mistake….there is often additional action when prospective buyers know the reserve has been met and a domain will sell.

Critic.net – $5,100

Mega.ly – $800

Expert.io – $655

Speeding.net – $500

CTips.com – $211

1P.tv – $205

ILearnedThat.com – $200

LA-Clippers.com – $200

Some websites that sold

ShaverList.com – $27,700 – Monthly net profit of $2,200 stated, on uniques of 24,800. A shaver review site, monetized by the Amazon affiliate program.

DatingScripts.co.uk – $17,220 – Monthly net profit of $5,000 stated, on uniques of 2,750. “Complete dating software business is up for sale: eMeeting Dating Software”

DollarSignup.com – $15,000 – Monthly net profit of $3,500 stated, on uniques of 65,600. “Grab the opportunity to own a flagship GPT/PTC (Get Paid To/Paid to Click) site!”

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell

Portfolio of 240 .LY Domains – $100,500 – Since I’m personally not a fan of hacks, I would have taken the money and run for the hills…..but that’s just me.

BYE.com – $30,500

Weights.com – $27,000

Physical.com – $21,500

Monitoring.com – $18,000

Powerful.com – $15,000

Tourism.com – $10,100

Again.com- $9,500

Yields.com – $6,550

Ailments.com – $5,000

Hoaxes.com – $4,500

Slouch.com – $3,100

Delusion.com – $3,000

Hows.com – $1,500

SanAntonioBasketball.com – $1,500 – Congrats to the Spurs!

MiamiBasketball.com – $1,500

Dirt.net – $1,100

Terminals.com – $750

StorageUnits.net – $505

Champs.net – $500

Autopsies.com – $400

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  1. None

    By the prices of the domains that didn’t sell seems like they’d
    do better on sedo or posting on Facebook. Those seem really low for solid
    names IMHO.

  2. Domain Names

    Interestingly, Terminals.com – $750 that didn’t sell on Flippa, are valued at $48,000 by Estibot.
    Somebody is right, somebody (or something) is wrong…

  3. None

    Sure. Maybe posting on Facebook wasn’t the best example. I was just searching for an arbitrary communications outlet to compare the prices flippa was able to command on those domains vs. just posting the names to Facebook saying for sale.

    Tourism.com in particular at 10k seems low for such a monstrous industry.

    1. Post author

      None – Thanks, I get what you’re saying.

      Domains are still very much illiquid investments, so if a seller “needs” to sell their asset quickly, they’re not going to get the top dollar they might receive if a seller is patient and an end user approaches them 1, 5 or 10 years down the road.

      Flippa, NameJet and GoDaddy do a great job of providing liquidity for people that need to sell. Each platform reaches out to end users, but end users buy on their own timeframe….when they want to buy, vs when a seller wants to sell.

  4. None

    Great explanation. Sometimes it is easy to forget about how non liquid assets trade. It can be overclouded when one can see the potential of an EMD.

  5. Reality

    On Flippa the bidders often know the reserve price, so they tend not to bid if they know they can’t reach the reserve. The result is low final bids.

    1. Post author

      Thanks Sameh, the last time I checked back there he just had a placeholder. It appears he has been busy on the site.

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