Flippa Recap: RHK.com, Bidable.com, Task.io, DrunkDrivingAttorney & Lawyer.com

Aug 06 2014

Listed below are some notable domain and website sales last week at Flippa, as well as a list of a few domains with bids that didn’t sell.

Some domains that sold

RHK.com – $9,975

Task.io – $5,550

drunk drivingBidable.com – $3,555 – I’m not sure what the attraction to this domain was…..hopefully I’m missing something. If they’re looking for “biddable”, they got a typo. If they’re looking for BidAble.com, well, they got two random words stuck together.

DrunkDrivingAttorney.com – $3,267 – Bidder 1 and 2 went back and forth from about $1,200 on, on a Saturday night. Interesting to see that Bidder 1 was the winner and has $4k of transaction history and they beat out Bidder 2 who has a whopping $1.6 million in transaction history on the Flippa platform. If I’m not mistaken, the same seller came to a post-auction agreement with a buyer for DrunkDrivingLawyer.com for $3,000 on the same night.

Entrez.com – $516

WebsiteTraining.com – $505

ReviewsMatter.com – $500

Darts.info – $500

Flpn.com – $430

N8K.com – $325

OptInBox.com – $300

FilmShout.com – $300

Best-Pictures.com – $250

Some websites that sold

  • AlexaBoostUp.com – $50,000 – Monthly net profit of $3,000 stated, on monthly uniques of 20,600. “Alexa Boostup is an established business, operating within the SEO space, that is currently generating approximately $33,000 per year in profit with projections to generate $44,000+ in 2015.
  • WescoSoft.com – $14,000 – Monthly net profit of $18,250 stated, on monthly uniques of 5,400. “This is an auction for a very successful affiliate marketing business with an established website promoting a product for very high commissions. The website offers articles about business consulting and will send its leads to a business consulting company that offers 15% commissions.” I didn’t review the detailed due diligence documents, but obviously buyers didn’t think the claimed financials pass the sniff test.
  • CityStar.com – $11,000 – Monthly net profit of $4,900 stated, on monthly uniques of 10,100. “A human-edited business directory founded in 1996. Its pages have top positions in major search engines for more than 3000 keywords. Traffic is 91% U.S. based, 303 subdomain sites in 22 countries.

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell

Physical.com – $27,000

Investing.info – $25,350

TopReview.com – $8,550 – Buyer must have flaked out, because the domain was originally listed as sold, and I recently saw an email saying the seller is now willing to sell at $7k.

Freelancer.info – $2,000

ToolChest.com – $1,100

CardiganSweaters.com – $1,100

Gossips.info – $980

Graphics.info – $555

MockingJay.com – $410

LogCabins.net – $301

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