Flippa Recap: Rides.com for $120k, Text.org, Weed.in, A84.com, ZY0.com, Crowdfunding.io

Jan 06 2015

Some Domains That Sold Last Week

  • Rides.com – $120,000 – Bidding only hit $30,000 during the auction, and the $120k was negotiated afterwards. Immediately after the auction was complete but didn’t meet reserve, the seller was asking $225,000. The new owner is under privacy protection. The singular, Ride.com, sold in November 2013 for $325,000.
  • Text.org – $5,012
  • AutomotiveMechanic.com – $2,000
  • Lionel.net – $2,000
  • HealthMedicine.com – $1,200
  • Thiamin.com – $1,000
  • UnlimitedTexting.com – $999
  • Weed.in – $827
  • TobaccoHelp.com – $800
  • A84.com – $550
  • Crowdfunding.io – $510
  • DesignDrones.com – $495
  • PPCSecrets.com – $472
  • ZY0.com – $361 – LLN
  • Nerds.io – $300
  • GIWN.com – $300

Some Websites That Sold

  • InviteBox.com – $46,100 – Monthly net profit of $1,800 stated, on uniques of 3,100. “Subscription-based marketing software business. Steady revenues despite ages of relative neglect on the marketing side. Perfect for anyone looking to pair their business skill with a quality product”

invite box

  • Artetics.com – $42,600 – Monthly net profit of $2,900 stated, on uniques of 33,600. “Premiere Joomla extension/module plugin store offering legendary extensions to customers worldwide. “

Some Domains With Bids That Didn’t Sell

  • Monitoring.com – $14,500 – the seller currently has a 6-figure BIN.
  • iMall.com – $8,900
  • Extinct.com – $7,500
  • Touchdowns.com – $5,000
  • PoliceBrutality.com – $3,650
  • Rewarded.com – $3,100
  • TopReview.com – $3,000
  • 2NU.com – $720
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  1. A.S

    It seems like almost every time a domain gets re-listed on Flippa the highest offer of the new auction is lower than the highest offer of the previous auction. And this seems to be the case even if the domain didn’t sell the previous time either (e.g last time’s winner is not selling). Would be “nice” to see some actual data on that though.

  2. Post author

    A.S. – I agree that there is sometimes buyer fatigue, and if a domain is continually listed, people may start to lose interest, assume it won’t meet reserve, and not bother bidding. However, if you mix things up, like changing the reserve or opening bid, or promoting the domain (rather than just listing it and hope for the best), there have been many successful sales in the repeat listings. I believe FileBackup.com was an example that didn’t meet reserve the first listing, and then sold for over $10k in the next listing.

  3. Kevin Fink

    Indeed, it’s a combination of all of those, Aaron.

    I think it mostly comes down to how active a seller is in promoting the domain, and the domain’s pricing. Pricing expectations are more often than not out of whack, which is why so many great domains don’t sell the first time (or few times) around. We’re establishing a brokerage platform soon that will aim to address this.

    Thanks for the coverage and thoughts! See you in a few days…

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