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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping from Around Chicago 1/20/12

My favorite part of going to Chicago are the endless choice of great pictures.  I could take pictures all day every day for a year. I wish I would have had my good camera when I passed this window stacked with old singer sowing machines.   Chicago just has so much character at every turn.  The down side is I feel like I need to upgrade my clothes in the Loop.  Everyone there looks so dapper in their city wear. Now on to the names.  $1500 is my final price guess 125 bidders so this 14 year old domain won’t go cheap  This is one of those domains I have no idea how you would build it out yet I would still pay good money for I think they are $1.99 a song if I remember correctly.  You could get a little more detailed on the buildout   He doesn’t write here anymore but he has a domain for sale at Godaddy and I thought I would throw him a bone and list it.  After Bama crushed his Tigers I figured it may stop the tears.  The plural would be a HUGE name but this one will suffice  The home remote is the last thing that hasn’t been updated in 20 years.  That is going to change soon so get ahead of it.  This is missing the “G” it needs to be of real value but many will still like the 4 letter appeal.  There has to be some company that gives training test that would like this.  I’m just too lazy to see if there really is.  Another one that is worth buying for merely being a good letter  As one person told be.  This would be good for people that practice “seal”  Sorry guy that has the one bid on this.  More coming.  Great name

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  1. were you wearing your Carharts and bib-overalls again ? I told you last time, just go with the bib overalls . No carharts

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