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Friday’s Big “Thank You” Goes Out to Clay Burt

One of the main reasons I write the blog is to meet great people.  People from all different walks of life, different views, different approaches.  People that help me grow and learn on this little journey of fun called life. One such person that has changed my way of thinking is Clay Burt.  Clay recently sent me a package. A package that had a few gifts but it wasn’t the gifts,  it was the letter that came with it that I appreciated.   I get a few packages a month from readers or Internet friends that send me things they think I would like.  It might be a new shirt from their company, a small little token,  or $100 bills from a place they visited or live (Must have heard I collect $100 denomination bills from around the world) but Clay’s was different.

Clay sent me the fine things that you see in the picture.  All Alabama (National Champions just in case you forgot) gear that consisted of gloves, ear warmers, and a nice hat.  The hat was immediately confiscated by my daughter and has not been available for photos since.  The day I received the package was that day you all read about.  A crappy day. Lots of domain issues, busy times at work, and an all in all, shitty day.   When I got home there was a package on the front door from Clay.  Inside was the running gear and a note.  Clay sent these types of packages to people that he wanted to thank. He picked people out in his family, friends, and people in his life he felt had made his year enjoyable. I was one of the fortunate ones that made his list.

I didn’t do much to make his list other than to respond to his emails, give him my opinions to his questions, and treat him like any other person deserves to be treated. I was so refreshing to see this kind of thanks.  Not because it came to me, but to see someone actually acknowledge all the things that others do for us is inspiring.  Someone making a concious effort to go out and give a small token of thanks.  I’m sure it made the other receipients day just like it made mine.  While a simple “thank you” will go a long way, doing something above and beyond and unexpected makes an incredible impact.  Not only did my mood go from bad to good, my daughter thinks I am a rock star because I receive gifts from Domain Shane readers, and my wife…..she still thinks I’m weird but she loves the Bama gear.  So thank you Clay, I will make sure to pass on the thanks.

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4 Replies to “Friday’s Big “Thank You” Goes Out to Clay Burt”

  1. How well do you REALLY know this Clay Burt character?? You do know that you can never trust a person w/2 first names, right?? Haha, cool story and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words Shane and I appreciate everything – may seem like little things to you, but you’d be surprised how rare common courtesy is even from emails and answers to questions are from people. You have gone out of your way and even gave me true feedback and if people read your blog consistently they will learn a lot – I’ll get there one day.

    @Fuze – even worse than that I have 4 names that could be first names…
    @John – couldn’t agree more – already looking forward to next season

    Thanks again Shane!

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