Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-20-12

Jul 20 2012

Today’s a pretty big day for my Mother. The day her first child was born. That would be me. I enjoy the day, but usually use it to reflect back on how lucky I am to have what I have. I enjoy getting older but don’t like to celebrate it with others. It’s my day and prefer to keep it to my Mom, wife, and daughter. They are the driving forces in my life and make me who I am, so I’d rather just spend some alone time with them. My Mom is coming tonight to spend the weekend with us and that’s all the present I need. And yes, Facebook friends, I did change my birthday to May 1st, 1947 to avoid all the Happy Birthdays that people feel forced to give. ūüôā Here are today’s names.

PS: If you’d like to give me a present. Tell a funny joke in the comments. A good laugh is a great present. If you don’t want to do that and would like to send me money I can send you my paypal email.  Great name for so many uses. As a former trader I used to have a money flow program that showed money flowing into stock. 15 years old Surprised that nobody is wanting this. At $12 10 years old and I figured it was a dot com, a word I know, and $12. Good enough for the Godaddy section of this list  Everything is mobile based, might as well supply it I was going to say this would make a nice blog name or a book but I see that it already is. But they don’t own the dot com  No bidders and a term you know.  14 years old and   The sport is down but not out. No bidders and the dot org may actually be the better buy here. Again no bidders. Again, not going to be able to get rich on this one but no bidders  May be too generic.  No bidders ¬†I think I used this in the 80’s for my abs. ¬†Didn’t really do much. ¬†Yet again, no bidders  Great 5L name for booking flights or electronic books  Another good one.  Pot WILL be legal soon  New record for most 5L.coms on my list.  Already at $800


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  1. Michael

    Best wishes on your bday. I couldnt think of a better way to spend it.

    Horse walks into a bar, bartender says why the long face?


  2. Bryan

    Hi Shane,

    First, great blog.

    Second, you link to a lot of godaddy auctions, and sometimes I am late to the party and they are already closed. Is there a way to see the domains you mention for godaddy and their closing price? I have looked at the godaddy auction interface, and have not found this, so who knows, it might not be possible. Just curious if you might have ninja trick.

    Third, enjoy a nice weekend with the fam!

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