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Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-21-12

I wanted to start off the post thanking everyone for the kind emails, texts, and comments yesterday. It was one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had. It was an usual day in that I had an important business meeting with the bank but because my family was in town this weekend I needed to sneak in a long bike ride somewhere. The wind worked out perfectly so I was able to ride 55 miles, have lunch with my brother and Dad, have the meeting, ride back and get back just in time to have dinner with my daughter, Mother, and wife. Everything I enjoy, packed into one day. As expected I fell asleep pretty early and thus the late post today. Let’s see what we can find. If there is any place in the world you need a bail bond, Las Vegas would be it.  When I first saw this I was thinking rules and regs but then I realized Insurance may be the direction all the bidders are heading   Almost all LLLL.coms without a Q,Z, or X in them are worth $69. Especially those that start with the W (tv and radio call signs) No bidders Some say boxing is dead but if you see the gate and PPV receipts you’ll see that a good fight can still take in 80 million dollars so somebody still is watching lots of places showing you how to publish your articles. This would be pretty easy to monetize  Noise became a positive term with the advent of the Internet 12 years old and between the Magic Bullet and Magic Mike, the word magic evidentially can be used for anything  This should do very well Who doesn’t love double Ds?   4 out of the first 5 letters in the alphabet   About time we got some NNNN.coms back up.  This one should cross $1500  My nickname around here  Yet again the Chinese name is receiving some of the highest bid totals on Namejet.  Are you not in this market yet? That’s right, you don’t speak Chinese.  Rosetta Stone?   They should make it with squiggly lines so you can barely make out the video so today’s kids can get the same effect as when we where young.  Now here’s a place we ALL want to visit.  For some reason no bidders The only problem may be here is that fraternity guys generally don’t call themselves a “frat”. But it may be a south thing. Fraternity and sorority clothing is a huge business

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  1. Happy late birthday!! I was traveling yesterday and I must have missed the memo.

  2. Happy belated Birthday Shane! Just found out it was your birthday, I hope you had a really good one.
    Thank you for all your knowledgeable insights in to domaining. Wish you a very successful year ahead.

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