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Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-6-12

The Thursday after a Wednesday holiday feels like the second Monday of the week. No mojo for me yesterday and looking through the lists didn’t help me get excited either. Good news is the weekend is here already. Bad news is I have to work it. Here are today’s names  This one is going be a big boy name.  Has the advantage of being both a two letter dot net AND a Chinese name.  Should do very well.  Look at all the bidders  My nickname in High School I earned in the locker room showers.  I think it means “he who likes to use fragrant shampoo”  But I could be wrong.  Only 3 bidders  Looks like someone made a good investment in a few NNL with the “o” domains.  They are short and liquid and will be the same for the new buyer  Only two bidders but there aren’t many words that start with J if you are going to use it for an acronym.   Binghamton Jumping Jack Exhibition?   A very good buy under $100.  Trust me I’m a numeric “expert” It’s just a matter of time before the US allows online gambling in order to tax it. The domain is also 16 years old Shouldn’t be a lot of bidders because all the psychics already know who’s going to win the bid I am a bit because I love Chicago Hard to believe this name is going for under $100

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4 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-6-12”

  1. Gigante = large …. huge (like a Giant)

    looks like all the kids around you were dwarfs 🙂

  2. because I love Chicago

    Yeah, me too, which is why it breaks my heart to have to abandon it. It’s very dangerous here, even in the ‘good areas’. In the past few weeks, large mobs of blacks have been roving downtown randomly attacking people.

    It’s crossed the demographic tipping point where the city has become very, very difficult for productive people- who expect a higher and more stable standard of living- to endure the savagery.

    If you want a glimpse of what really goes on here, check out the Second City Cop blog.

    You wouldn’t think a major city in 21st Century America would be susceptible to this stuff but believe it or not, the City Hall Politburo does a very effective job at controlling what local media reports in the way of crime, in order to maintain a very deliberate ‘image’.

    I suppose this is what the last throng of upright Detroiters felt, 40 years ago…

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