Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-5-12

Jul 05 2012

I hate holidays in the middle of the week.  Especially holidays that are based on night time activities. As a man that goes to bed at 9:30 each day it is one of the few times a year that people see that I have the sleep pattern of a 73 year old man and the alcohol tolerance of a newborn.  But I made it AND still turned out this list.  I also biked 25 miles in the morning and ran a 20:30 5K in 95 degree heat at noon following the bike.  Don’t tell my family I slept while I laid on the ground watching the fireworks.  Here are today’s names   I was hoping this wouldn’t get a lot of bids. I was wrong. Great name   Plenty of books, movies, and other characters with this name  Old BBQ  Not quite as big of a market as doctor scrubs but they still want their hygienist to look cute   Big name, so so tld.  I actually own a few dot infos and they rank quite well A 10 year old domain in this niche and of this quality should not be at $12……IMO Not the nicest term people throw around but acne websites tend to do pretty well. Only $17 at press time. 13 years old Ideal for selling stuff for your feet A pretty big image to uphold. 11 years old I feel like I played this game in 1992 on my computer I can’t imagine that this has 14 bidders because they think it sounds as cool as I do.  Another Chinese name attracting big bids   Visually confusing but not many triple letter 4L dot coms available if you are a collector   Everyone likes powerful things.  Not very many bidders

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