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Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-10-12

Another great day on vacation.  I’ve been able to keep the list up all week despite but visiting family today so may be a break on Saturday.  I’ve only missed 3 days in 365 so I wanted to give you a heads up that I may not post.  Last time I missed my Mom called to make sure everything was OK.  Here are today’s names.  (picture to the left is me with one of my buddies at Disney) 1993 Birthday.  I’m thinking online book downloads are going to catch on  Surprisingly No Bidders I really, I mean really wanted to sneak in and get this name but its gotten pretty pricey. I many still get in as its a great name for a runner Only good a few times a year but great name for Fantasy sport drafts. Only $10 and 11 years old  It’s a dot net but mobile banking is bid enough that a dot net purchase would probably pay off here  Not sure what the super panel will do but it sounds pretty exciting. 13 years old Pushing it but I know you guys are suckers for names with the word domain in it. AND its only $10 At first I thought it was just a nice but then realized it had Italian roots. Already over $1000 If you think that the dot com is only worth 2600 then this is at fair value Not super high on this one but in general, I do like two known word dot coms Only $10 for a 10 year old name. Nice sounding brand. You’ll have to sell it as a brand but shouldn’t be too hard to get your money back at this price Officially a which means it will hit $700 plus May not make any sense to you but watch this one. It will be one of the high sales at Godaddy today

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