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Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 8-11-12

A little late today. Was out late and and slept in. I took a quick peruse over the list and here’s what I found. Enjoy (PS: a few names are from Godaddy and end soon) I find myself typing in “best” something all the time in google. I wish I would have purchased more names like this Plenty of shopping in Florida. And now you don’t have to go to Florida to do it Plenty of vowels in this Everyone loves vowels. I thought I had heard of something with this name before and I was right. Somebody else thought this was a great name and uses it. Just doesn’t own the dot com or dot net Sounds a bit cheesy but I know a lot of great sites with cheesy names. 1994 Birthday Good acronym or a popular last name  This one could fetch a pretty solid price.  Even in dot org this keyword is big enough to make this one worthy of owning  96 bidders on this  It will be interesting to see if these are just the normal watchers or if it will cross the $750 mark that many have been crossing  A bank will buy this eventually for an ad campaign. Eventually could be a long time though.  The last owner waited 13 years and it didn’t happen  I see lots of hacker contest being held by large companies to help test their programs.  NO bidders   Zebra sales are WAY up this year which means $1000 plus


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  1. “Best” might work for indexing purposes, domain sales, but adjectives put on the front of the domain will literally kill the direct navigation traffic, unless you have such an enormous category that the adjective’s negative effects on traffic are outweighed by the category size.

    For example, won’t be worth a darn for traffic, but or would.

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