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Friday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Good morning. Looks like the dot nets have settled down a little bit. From the looks of things there are a couple of people cleaning up their dot net portfolios. I don’t think that is a bad thing and I’ll go into more detail a little later as to why. Hope everyone had a good time at the South Domainers meetup and we’re hoping to put one together in Chicago this year. 2300 searches and certainly a market for these. Especially the Bakelite. I collect vintage radios and phones but then again, I collect everything Not usually a big fan of dot nets (no special reason) but I do like this one. I imagine plenty of people agree with me so it won’t go cheap “parts” in Spanish or a really drunk guy spelling “parties” A “collectible” domain but these seem to be good flips Another fine four letter dot com. Sounds all technological and stuff 1999 registration and everyone should “green more” I would probably sell water tanks not battle tanks. You know , for shipping reasons Nothing says portable like .mobi You think regular acne is bad, you should should try getting cystic acne. It’s twice as pimply. Perfect name to put on an ugly tld If I have a bomb that needs diffusing then I would feel more comfortable going with a pro

Visit for more of these fantastic names. Happy April Fools day

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Been away for a while, but looks like you are still pulling some good lists! Really like the – only satisfied customers, well, at least that will be the only ones who will be providing feedback

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