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Using Google’s New Page Speed Analyzer To Rank Top Domain Sites: The Results

Last week I was having terrible problems with my host Media Temple. I realize the value of a quick load for my sites and the impatience of today’s Internet user and knew I needed to get my site to load faster or else. Fortunately, my host was able to rectify the situation and get my sites up to par and keep me from the pain of changing service providers. Ironically, Google recently introduced Page Speed Labs to allow users to test their site to see how it ranks on a scale from 1 to 100 about the same time it happened. I was able to use it to see whether my speed was increasing or not. For shits and giggles I thought I would run some other domain sites through the test and rank the sites according to the results. The results are pretty much what I expected and personally, I’m glad to see that my site jumped 50 points with the fix. The winner was a three way tie between Godaddy, DNWire, and RicksSchwartz, and the slowest site I checked was Personally I’ve not really noticed much difference inmost of the sites but evidently Google has. 86 86 86 ( is an 83) 85 83 81 80 79 79 76 76 74 72 71 70 68 68 62 61 60 46 46

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  1. It’s not always about where it’s hosted, but it’s also about coding effectively. scored a 95, but we have another site that is hosted in the same network that got a 70. So it’s more than just saying I host at this location.

    1. Donny,

      Very good point. I would imagine for parking people would care most about their parked page speed. What’s a typical speed a low load parking page on Parked ? PS I didn’t mean to snub you. I only put Sedo up because of their auction hub

  2. Nice tip!

    I tried several domains on both Godaddy and HostGator. Didn’t do enough to be sure, but it seems like some of the static pages did much better… caching by host/google/etc? My WordPress sites seemed to have closer range – 68 to 74.

    GoDaddy sites ranged from 88 to 43 – have some work to do on my side from what I saw….
    HostGator was more consistent range from 82 to 68, but pretty comparable between the two.

    My domain site was 73 so I have some work to do. Thanks again for the tip!

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