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Friday’s Daily Domain Auctions And Drops

Well, how did you guys like the state of the domain industry?  As usual Ron Jackson did a heck of job getting the guys (and girls) together for some great opinions.  Nice to see Morgan anointed as the new member of the “it” club.  .  I have no idea how he keeps his day job.  Congrats to him and thanks to Ron for the great article. I’d like to introduce you to the newest domain to sell for over $3000 Here’s a business idea.  Hook up with Elliot and find companies that will pay to put ads on the dog that are being walked.  Of course I demand 10% of all revenue for the idea. 1994 register. I think this is what they call “A call to action” domain A PR5 , 1995 Register, and an overall great name.  It just makes me feel like I might be able to have a voice….tear , tear Of course you’ll have to compete against the Home For Sick Weasels and do you really want to bid against weasel lovers? If you’re looking for a site to dump your collection of Member’s Only jackets Nothing better than a girl at the bar giving you this email addy. I don’t like it but it’s a three letter dot net and a lot of people around here think they’re cool. This could fool a lot of people

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2 Replies to “Friday’s Daily Domain Auctions And Drops”

  1. Dogvertise is great – I thought the same exact thing! Aside from being funny, it is also very good because who doesn’t look at a dog being walked – especially if it has a funny ad jacket. It could happen.

  2. “ Nothing better than a girl at the bar giving you this email addy.”

    There IS something worse however… a Dude giving you that email address. 🙂

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