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The Weekly Excavation of Some Treasures in the Portfolio

Last week I put up the names I liked and saw a few of them went straight to auction as they should have.  I’m not sure what makes someone an expert in this field but I probably don’t qualify.  What I do qualify for is a guy that goes over thousands of names a night and picks out names with good value and that’s what we’re going to do here.  Here’s a few names that went up this week on Cax that I thought were a good buy. This is a good time to buy this type of name, you know with the Bears going to the Super Bowl and all.  All joking aside,  everyone knows what a wide receiver is and if they can get the i before e, except after c thing right, it’s easy to spell.  I think it’s a great buy at $2500. More and more people are buying cars online and there is an ever increasing market for people to ship them.  A directory in the waiting.  A great value under $1000 Probably my favorite on the board.  Hanging one of those new fancy flat tvs?  You’re gonna need a mount. Another dot net but it’s one of the most used words in the dictionary.  At least it was every time I tried to kiss a girl in college.  $1000 will seem cheap in a few years. If someone doesn’t buy this or put it up for auction by Friday night, I’m going to buy it. Look it up.  It’s becoming the hot word.  If you like 3d and I don’t this is one of the best 3d names you can have. OK this is a bit of a stretch but I’m a fan of the “Totally Looks Like” sites on the net and this is a great name for a site like that.  That may be pushing it but I just think it’s a good buy at $100 I’ve said this a million times on these lists. Color + animal = money.  These domains always do well and you would too if you get it for $100 I passed by this one at first glance and then my wife looked over my shoulder and said “That’s a good one”  so I looked it up after I said “How would you know” and she left the room. Evidently a lot of people want these things and although 2K isn’t a lot of searches, I still think this is a good buy under $1000 When it comes to searches and product domains.  Dot us are still some of the best price to value in tlds.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this at auction today

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  1. I recently saw a pink dog at the Memphis Flea Market (Hey I got a wife). Now I have never seen a Red Kitten, but nor did I know that you cold get human grade dye to make your dog pink.

    So I guess anything is possible.

  2. Some great names. You would think that some Wide Receiver coach would pick that one up and make their own training videos, etc… Great domain name for that type approach. Same with Red Kitten, but PETA might have a problem with it.

  3. A pair of hours ago I placed the firt bid under reserve to send to auction (a nema I also foun with potential) but the auction will never happen as just fust few minutes ago it has been purchased at BIN.

    An important change:

    It’s now possible to submit names that valuate $50 (previously the lower appraisal limit was $100).
    Also the minimum start bid, reserve you can set for a domain is now $20 (was $50 previously).
    Both changes should allow to post expiring/unwanted domains and try to liquidate them.

    Thanks for the review.

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