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Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Some pretty good names today.  I don’t think you’re going to have the next billion dollar company off these things but certainly money to be made.  Enjoy the names and have a good weekend. You could make an entire site devoted to Phil Mickelson on this domain. I love robot names.  I have  and I make a fortune with it.  Ok I haven’t made anything at Epic but I still love robots. I went fishing one time and they had some girls that had been putting bait on the lines of fisherman for 10 years.  They were profession hookers.  Their male counterparts were called master baiters. These are the kinds of 4L dot coms that do well, especially with the double b Used to be my nickname but I don’t raise roosters anymore One of the better snapnames names this week. 3 character dot coms are selling in $200 to $1000 range lately This is a bigger moneymaker than Gold.  There is great money to be made here but of course you don’t sell or buy textbooks.  Then again that never stopped anyone from buying a domain. Nice names for trailers or advanced previews of gadgets Nice short name.  I would guess something with marriage would fit this domain

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  1. probably you are not making any money due to the fact that your site: has been deindexed by Google 🙁
    Also the homepage mostly shows robotic vacuumcleaners and no pets 🙁
    Time to write to Luke or Rob

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