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Yet Another Mention of Shane Cultra on Leno

If you watched Jay Leno last night you may have heard my name.  Well, it’s my name but he was actually referring to my uncle of the same name.  The “other” Shane Cultra happens to be our State Senator and he made a little statement that turned into International news.  In a nutshell he said that we should take away the $2000 tax credit from parents that have obese children.  It caused quite an uproar but at the same time drew attention to a very important cause.  Obesity in this country.  While it may have been a little extreme, he is absolutely correct that people need to take more responsibility for the health of their children.  If we want to be obese we have that choice.  Children do not.
A few months ago I was part of the Playboy mansion sickness joke on Leno as well. Between local tv, the Playboy mansion, this obesity thing, and a few AP stories I did interviews for, I think the Shane Cultra brand is really expanding. Not sure if it’s in a good way though. Head to the 4:40 mark if you want to get straight to it.

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5 Replies to “Yet Another Mention of Shane Cultra on Leno”

  1. Are you saying that children with Obese children get an extra 2000 credit or is he saying that if parents have obese children then they should not be able to claim any tax credit?

  2. Why he said such a thing? So that the parents have less money to buy food for their kids? Do u know that it takes a lot more than $2k to raise a kid……

  3. If we’re gonna have a health care entitlement in this country for all…I DO NOT wanna pay for your fat kids’ diabetes medicine…or the organ transplants…or amputations…or lap band procedures.Let’s face it: Most health care costs in this country can be broken down into END OF LIFE CARE and TYPE 2 DIABETES RELATED CARE.We can’t do anything about the first one.(yet)…but we can do A LOT about the second one.I dig your uncles’ “TOUGH LOVE” approach here.

    *off my soap box*
    *looks forward to more domain wisdom* 🙂

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