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Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Picked up a name yesterday,   One of those names that has a lot more value to me than most.  At $69 it’s a very very good value.  Here’s a few more names that could provide value. Sounds a little droll but 93 bidders don’t have a problem with it.   I imagine they are all thinking about starting a website about drunk jogging aka drogging. 1995 Birthday Love this one.  Radio test fails but people will figure it out Not sure if there’s even such thing but registered back in 1998. Future Trend baby, Future Trend

Fuc& You can’t tell me this isn’t a better name than some of these XXX names.  This planet has been around since 1999. Dropping and nice comparison name. New record for the most times the word fuc# has been shown on this page.  I’ve been called this a few times and issued it a few times as well. I think this is another word for fries.  No bidders People will remember this one.  Obviously not enough to renew it though 1998 Birthday and auction still under $100 Very easy build out and plenty of products to push while doing it.  No Bidders

Domain Spotlight:

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