Thursday Domain Drop and Auction Picks:

Aug 18 2011

A little better today.  I’ve been concentrating on age lately using the old adage that if someone registered it 10 years ago it’s probably a decent name.  Although I can disprove that 1000 times every day by looking at all the old junk that comes up for sale.  Here of some of the names I thought would flip or build out pretty easily. Crazy in da brain, knowledge ’bout to rain, if weezy needs da cheesy he’s pickin up dis name.  Ha Ha Ha I am still trying to convince my 11 year old there are stand alone cameras that aren’t part of your iPhone No bidders. 1999 Birthday.  Not a product name but certainly a name people will remember. Port in Spanish Evidently, now the official uniform of High School teachers in the US Great CPC of $7.25.   50,000 Searches Old man domain.  1992 Birthday 1996 birthday and a drop.  Great name, very trendy I don’t know why but I just love it.  I do think the guys from Boston are going to struggle with the spelling. Perfect name to get your Masters Degree Online

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