Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks Sponsored by Gatorade

Jul 29 2011

Ok the post isn’t sponsored by Gatorade but as many as I drank yesterday it should be.  I swam a mile and a half and had one before and after.  Drank 5 at work because it was 95 degrees and worked outside at the nursery all day, and then biked 25 miles in the evening and drank 2 more.  Good thing I buy them by the case.  I think that’s over 1000 calories in Gatorade alone.   To top off the evening and the hard day of work,  my wife cooked me a nice filet mignon, sweet potato, and a salad out of our garden. Life isn’t too bad. Speaking of not bad, here are a few not so bad names. Not as many bidders as I thought there would be but I may spoil it for those guys by posting it. Plenty of products to sell on this one If above doesn’t work Not that great of a name but reminds of my daughter when she first learned the alphabet.  So close The word Gig attracts me. If you’re into Hardware Store lead gen you’ll love this one. I’d shop there.  I just don’t want the baskets to be corporate.  I want them fun and tasty. 1997 Birthday and great letters. Pretty easy site to make. Youtube videos of dunks. Done Not cheap but solid Buy the first iCloud typo for sale

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