Some Nice New Products in The Domain Investing World This Week

Jul 29 2011

There was a bevy of new products and sites introduced this week in the domain industry.  Rather than put out a post each day I figured I would talk about them all today.  You’ve probably seen releases already but none of them have MY opinion on them so you’ll still want to read. A nice new site from Morgan Linton that is domain theft database and recovery service.  First of all, great idea.  Love the simplicity of the site and the overall concept.  I think this can absolutely work but I see a few issues.  One, are people that just had their domain stolen going to want to pay money to report it stolen.  They just had money taken from them and they most likely are going to be gun shy about giving more money to a new website.  Second, while this can certainly become Morgan’s niche and he is more than intelligent enough to pull it off, I see this as a Sedo or DomainTools service.  Maybe they’ll buy it from Morgan.   I hope it gains traction. On a side note, and I already kidded Morgan, I don’t think Swat team when I think Morgan. Gets a new look. These guys are amazing, Domain Tools has so much information and they just keep offering more and more data.  The opened up their API recently and I thought the cost was pretty fair.  By allowing companies to utilize their data the’ve given them an opportunity to provide some incredible data to their customers.  As for dailychanges, Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly and somebody from Fusible can attest, it is a great tool for uncovering what and when companies are registering new names. I have to admit I forget the S in this when I type it out but otherwise I really like the new site.  I know Francois hates when new aggregators come out but he doesn’t have to worry about anyone if he does his job.  First of all, I love the logo.  Perhaps one of my favorite logo in all of the domain space.  Secondly, I like all the easy to get to info on the sides.  The codes, the events.  The main reason I hear people are going there is the quick updates of articles.  They aggregator must pull in by the minute because the stories are put up almost immediately after posting where Domaining updates in 30 minute increments or longer. Abdu Tarabichi should be proud of what he’s built. A new product from Steven Jones and Sharon Hayes of Domainate fame.  Sharon and Steve certainly have been doing this a while so I would imagine they have plenty of information to share.  I always get a little hesitant to promote something that say you can “Become a domain master in just two days” but I understand you have headlines that sell.  Worth taking a look at simply because of the two respected domain investors that have started the site.

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