Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Apr 22 2011

You know what I like about the Internet. It doesn’t frickin rain.  I am so sick of the rain.  My brick and mortar business is so dependent on weather that every day it rains I lose tens of thousands of dollars.  It costs an extra $500 in heat every time the sun doesn’t shine.  Of course, a beautiful sunny day makes us tons of money.  Speaking of money, hopefully you’ll make a little with one of these fine names. A common term for “goodnight” and a great name for a kids store or mattress company.  It’s not going to set you back much either with one bidder I have no idea what you would do with this but it sounded professional.  26 bidders agree aka carpooling.  Rising gas prices causing rising domain price It sounds like a very delicious world.  Seems that others don’t share my same taste.  No bidders. 1998 registration The world has turned into a look at “me” world and Miney is a good domain name to cover it. These three character domains do very well.  Especially the NLL.coms Stay away from meeee Perhaps not the best name I’ve ever seen for a dot org but hey, it’s a great keyword Good price at $15 and a 1998 domain 1992 domain. Any domain older than Teen Domainer is worth money

And for more research check out DomainTools

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  1. Jamie

    Seems a little odd that owners would be selling Also, doesn’t resolve without www. LOL

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