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Would You Have Turned Down $10,000 For

I recently received an email from the owner of letting me know that the domain was for sale. The owner saw my story on and thought I might be interested in doing a story on his domain as well.

Evidently he feels he has a real winner as he offered up the information that he recently turned down an offer of $10,000 and was now taking offers in the $1,000,000 range over at DnForum. My question is this. Would you have turned down $10,000 for this name? I know I wouldn’t have.

I have a few problems with the entire attempted sale and email here. One, no real names are used. All the domain and email domains are hidden under privacy. If you really want to sell a domain you never put it under privacy. It’s like having a public auction in a dark locked room. Secondly, dnforum is not where you sell high priced names. A nice place to chat, move some average names, or drum up some publicity for larger sales, but not too many sales over $100,000 there lately. Finally, the is a VERY time sensitive domain. You essentially have about two more weeks to capitalize on this name and then the luster wears off. Where will always still have the princess after the wedding, the ring will draw a ton of attention for a short while and then people will move on. This is a case of a hot iron and he better strike soon.

I will admit I am not very good at predicting final sale prices and often they go way past my “valuation”, if the seller really did get the $10K offer, I feel he made a mistake not taking it.

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  1. I agree, in another week or two this domain won’t be as ‘hot’ as it is now. If it was a true $10,000 first offer, then the owner might be able to get a little more from this potential buyer. The domain could be used for some sort of Royals wedding site, or specific to the ring that will be worn. Or, someone could try to sell replicas of Kate’s ring. Who knows.

    The domain might also have a second life when Harry gets married.

  2. I’m not sure I would have passed on $10k.

    There’s an interesting website built on the .NET (selling replicas)

  3. Don’t forget there’s alot of Royal families out there, so it may not be as useless after the wedding as first thought.

    btw, I just saw the story on the news and purchased straight away. Hell I’d be happy with just 10% of that $10,000 offered for his domain =D

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