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Friday’s Daily Domain Drops

Ahhhh finally Friday.  I have been exhausted this week.  Not sure if it’s the heat or the two weeks straight of work.  Maybe it was the 16 mile run Saturday, the 40 mile bike Sunday, the 6 mile run Monday and the 10 mile hard run (7 min pace) Tuesday.  I may not be the biggest and the best domainer but I’m pretty sure I’m one of the fastest.  Now onto the names Registered in 1996 but unfortunately that was also the last time this term was used A domainer’s domain PR5 domain DMOZ listed. I like this one for the price and easy tagline for the website “You are now entering a World of Hurt” Everyone would love to be spam free.    The only thing better would be ……free Spam This should be any easy one to develop. Just set up a live chat and say ” I see a death in the family” and “you will have changes in your job”  .And you don’t have to be very good when you don’t charge

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  1. How long have you been a triathlete? Are you training for an upcoming event?

    I wish I was in better shape (understatement), but triathlon seems like a mild form of insanity.

    1. I started triathlons this year. I’ve run 2 or 3 marathon a year for 5 years and needed to step it up. Did a half Ironman recently and will do an IronMan in 2011. I train 1 and a half hours a day. I move a lot at work as well. I probably walk or run 15 miles a day at least. It lets me eat 5000-7000 calories a day and not gain a bit of weight. I usually lose 30 pounds each year getting in shape. Training for Chicago Marathon this fall. The heat has really slowed me down. Not in miles but my times are a bit slower. Then again I may be just getting older……I think it’s the heat

  2. That’s awesome Shane! You should come do a Triathlon out here in California! I’m planning on doing one in Marina Del Rey in October…I’m assuming you can’t do a Tri in October in Chicago 🙂

    Also I really like that domain (I have a thing for old domains – Google loves them!)…maybe I’ll bring the term back!

    1. Morgan,

      I’m headed to Laguna in the first week of August. email me your cell phone number and I’ll give you a call to set up lunch or dinner

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