Thursday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Jul 22 2010

Yesterday was one of my better domain days this year.  I sold a domain that I recently purchased for my plant domain “empire” but the offer was too good to pass up.  When it comes to plant names the offer had better be very good and this was.  It was enough that I just had to take it.  I imagine it will be a non disclosure because of the nature of the transaction but it does prove once again, “you have to spend good money to make good money”.  Now onto the names Already at $1000.  I think the $17 CPC gets everyone a little giddy Plastic surgery site? Great name and pretty much everyone south of Tampa has one Data Recovery pays well Not really a generic but pretty generic terms…..Registered in 1996 A nice 4L.  Not really a name but not perfect because sounds like “able”.  51 bidders like it A baseball card collectors wet dream domain $37,000 appraisal.  50,000 searches.  Will be a nice price Competitive keywords but you’ll get a jump on it with this domain….even with the dot org

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