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Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

I’m still a little upset about the new proposed tax on Illinois residents requiring them to pay taxes on all Internet purchases.  Not only does it cost residents more money but it will force Internet vendors to reduce or completely drop all affiliate programs to residents of Illinois.   It’s going to cost me a lot more than 6.5%.  I may be forced to incorporate in a different state and establish a new residence.  It’s that big of a deal.  OK let’s lighten up and see if we can find a few names. This is the type of 5L dot com that you need to buy. You’ll notice that these are not cheap. It will most likely go for over $1500. Fantastic name a 1995 name.  Will most likely have to outbid the Million Dollar Bill Klub rap group for the name.  There’s actually no such thing but there should be, that name’s dope.  They still say dope, right? I actually like this name better than WebVideos.  It’s not generic but it’s a much better brand. I’ve been waiting for this name for quite a while.  GLT baby GLT. From gaming to wordpress themes, this could be a nice name. Despite my feelings that golf is in decline, it is still a very lucrative business

Somebody has a ton of dates up at snapnames which I thought were great custom emails.  Names such as and a bunch more.   I couldn’t find my birthday but I found a few very nice birthday presents for a few family members.

And finally, per usual, nothing of worth at sedo’s auctions.  Man did they take a holiday break.

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  1. Shane, great idea about birthday names! I’m not sure how useful they are, but it’d be fun to own your birthday. It looks like a lot of dates as you’d mentioned ( are taken, but a lot of domains with the full numerical date ( for example) seem to be available. Even dates like are available.

  2. Thanks for the idea Shane, I just acquired and

    Good domains for Boxing Day sales!

  3. Your damn asses shouldnt be allowed to use a foocking fork. You should learn some foocking maners first, than you’d be able to speak up. If you have something to say, dont use a foocking guy? WTF??? Are you apes?

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