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Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

There have been some pretty strong names coming up for drops and auctions lately.  These things go hot and cold and lately it’s been pretty hot.  Great for sellers and some solid deals for buyers.  Here’s what I dug up for today Of course I like this name.  One of the the main reasons I don’t buy a lot of names with the word flower in it is due to the fact that it also relates to the floral industry, ie flower delivery.  A keyword that attracts much higher CPC and therefore more bidders and more money.  It’s also an industry I am not in and have no interest in.  This may be one of those domains that they like Another one of those domains that you would just love to see come up on your credit card bill.   “Honey, did you spend $132 at The Whorehouse dot com?” This would come across a little better and you can still keep the whores I know, I know, my mind has gone in the gutter.  There ARE massages without happy endings and people did search 27,000 for massage videos Great cement company name. It’s hard to argue with 2 million searches

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. ““Honey, did you spend $132 at The Whorehouse dot com?””

    No dear, they spelled Warehouse wrong again. 🙂

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