Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Had a great time on DomainMaster’s Radio yesterday. As usual Morgan and Chef Patrick are a great pair and do a great job.  Thanks to them for letting me be a part.  Now onto the names 1997 domain.  I like the name,  to me it represents quiet because if it was 5 women, watch out.  Just kidding……kinda With an aging America and world, this name is growing in popularity.  Of course the Internet crowd thinks this refers to anyone over 35 Not the easiest name to relay to a user but very web 2.0 looking.  Hopefully we’re not on 3.0 quite yet. 1999 domain You’ll look like a company full of smart people just having this name 72 bidders so this will fetch a solid price but worth putting a prebid in for 3L .net .   Nothing else to say I’m not sure what stated means but at $17,000 estibot and lots of searches I would buy it regardless.  Then again I’m very naive, I believe all valuations are precise At $500 and well worth it.  Natural is in unless you’re talking breasts

Domain of the Day: