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Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

It’s our final day here in Oregon and met with one of the biggest tree growers in the world.  What started out as a presentation on their new varieties of trees and how they are marketing them to growers and consumers turned into my presentation on how they can and should use the web to reach their audience.   I’ve bartered for crazier things but I have a feeling they’ll be calling for more help later.   Now onto the names.  I would like a cooler name than this if I was starting a company but I guess it does say exactly what you do  Plenty of end users for this.  I think of a pass for various health clubs around the Internet but just as many people think of a all for one low price porn package.  And you?  I realize it’s not a generic but it’s the type of brandable I like and it’s easy to say and spell and worth more than $100.  I know it’s not Keegan, Keeran, Keelan, or any thing that rhymes with it but before people decided to only name their kids with Irish sounding names people used to be called Vic. Vics have more money than those people with the names above  Way undervalued at present price.  As a cyclist I know guys are spending thousand of dollars on trainers  Not a huge value here but a good price at $12.  You could sell it to a basketball fan or a fat guy that likes donuts.    For some reason, everyone wants friends nowadays  Ends this weekend, good numbers but at a Chinese registrar so would take more work to transfer.  Unless you a fluent in Chinese At $15,000 now and will probably reach $25,000 but you could resell for $100,000 if the right person decides they want it.

And the award for the Worst Domain of the Day Goes to  Because I have a zero percent chance of even correctly spelling it or saying it outloud.

If you need more names or just think mine suck and you can do better go to

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  1. The Istanbul Ralli Sampiyonasi is actually a very thrilling sport in which a Toyota Yaris drives crazily round and round a construction site trying to avoid a handful of confused spectators…

    Better snap that one up.

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