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Friday’s Daily Domain Name Auction and Drops

I have to admit, I’m getting a little excited about DomainFest.  Kudos to Southwest for their ability to change flights at no extra cost.  They really are the best airline out there when it comes to not nickel and diming you. I wanted to get in early for the So Cal Domain Meetup and realized my flight was getting in much later than I remember so I moved it up 6 hours.  Now I’ll have plenty of time.  Speaking of time, here are some names you’ll want to get a bid on today before they close or drop. A PR6 with 21,000 links and as a Westerner we imagine the station plays lots of song with “Tally Ho” yelled out in them. It wouldn’t be too hard to build this site and it certainly has purpose.  Good buy for $70 I have never quite understood the demand  but I do know they have value and always sell between $200 and $500 because they are 3 character dot coms. Pretty much tells everyone what you’re doing. 1998 Registrar OK this is pushing it but I always felt that there should be one site with all the snow cancellations and this would be as good as any. I just saved you $3 million dollars.  You’re welcome The only reason I’m posting this is I really don’t like this flower.  Blooms every year before my customers come in.  You can have it The ultimate proofreading or rate me site.

And the last one comes from Bido……just kidding sorry.

Be sure to go to for more great names

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  1. Someone snatched up VERY Quickly. I was gonna spend a little of my last sale on that one.

    ConvictedSexOffenders is a .org which is probably better for the domain, just depends upon your way of thinking.

    Thanks for the great names and Enjoy yorself at DomainFest

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