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The Weekly Excavation of Some Treasures in the Portfolio

It’s that time again.  I’ve found a few names that are great value over at  Of course there are some people living in a fantasy land when it comes to pricing but I like naive. But I prefer the naive to be when they priced it too low.  Here’s are the deals I found this week. Eminem set a style that led to every person under 18 owning 3 of these.  $500 is a steal The reserve on this is $1500 and although it may not be a bargain it’s still a good price on this one.  I think it would make a good social name. 15K searches.  If I am going to invest in 3D this is the way I go.  Development bargain of the day I think you could double your money on a flip on this one. Have you been to the mall lately?    Americans are HUGE.  Every time a guy asks for the extender belt on the plane you hand them your card for this website. Take oversizedtub with it. Can’t figure out whether I like the s in Kids but with 22K searches and a $50 price tag, does it really matter? It’s one of those web 2.0 type names with a visual sound to it.  Price is lower than current market for this type of 4L dot com May be a bit too generic but I like it at this price.  This name is already at auction but only at $65.  Under a $150 is a good deal.  A TON of searches.

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4 Replies to “The Weekly Excavation of Some Treasures in the Portfolio”

  1. Haven’t you heard, Francios says that there is a lot of crap in the CAX auctions, but that at lease the crap is cheap=)

    What ever happened to

  2. @Shane



    .CO aftermarket was down + lack of help from the registry + we decided to promote a single brand:
    This is why I shutted down Flipping.CO

    I said there was “some” crap submissions (but well priced 🙂 recently listed. is a vertical of and you cannot list crap here for example.

    In a side note few days ago sold at BIN for $15K at (the vertical for catchy names).

  3. I think there are plenty of good domains on Francois. I was simply having a good time thinking about you saying that there were “some” crappy domains. When I first read that my initial thought was that saying that cax had some “crap” was not a good way to make people want to buy from it. Even if the crap was only $20=).

    Can you imagine Ebay advertising by saying that they have a lot of junk, but at least it is cheap=)?

  4. @Troy
    As crazy it may looks my main concern is not to sell domains but succeed to have owner list names for sale (and preferably of quality and with reasonable prices).

    The use of “crap” was done in a sponsored headline where I was promoting as a way to liquidate expiring domains, unwanted names, … but I also specified that “Your crap can be somebody else treasure!”
    There is not a slogan or approach that work for all the cases, all the needs, …. For each new sponsored headline there is new owners who list names and new buyers who sign, but things advance step by step…

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