Friday’s Daily Domains At Auction and Dropping Today Around the Net

Dec 09 2011

Lots of link love to Domain Shane and gang and much appreciated.  New traffic record for the day and every day keeps getting bigger.  Chris’ Christmas bonus is getting bigger and bigger.  But none of it means anything unless we’re making money (thanks for pointing that out Richard Head) so let’s get to the domains of the day.  Courtesy of AND for those of you that aren’t following me on Twitter I’ve actually decided to start being active.  Follow me HERE 145 Bidders is the most I’ve seen on a name in the last few weeks.  It IS a pretty name.  I guess the three letter thing is in demand too. 1999 Birthday but don’t look for Lebron James to bid on this one.  He’s more interested in There are hundreds of thousands of people looking for more information on how to swim. (I’m one of them)  Great opportunity to build site here Keyword smorgasbord 78 bidders.  I thought I was going to be the only one. I would have been 10 years ago This one will go cheaper.  Only 4 bidders I bought iShane (thanks to Jamie) and this is a more popular name.  Not as pretty and beautiful sounding but more popular IMO not the best tld for the word but what do I know The tld doesn’t really matter for this strong of a name Not even sure if Europeans call themselves Europeans Great letters but then again I’ve always been partial to B and S Heck of deal for this very fine curse word with an even shittier tld

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