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Friday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Had another good sale for $800 on a 5L.  That’s two in a week.  Two more than last month.  Found a few good drops lately and looking for more.  Here are the ones I like for today   A great search name  “Seek It”  Of course will get half your traffic  Another that is going to go for over $1K but a very nice name. would be a $10,000 name so this one is certainly worth a few hundred  You really need to get in on this one.  Moats are the hot new security devices.  I having one dug at my house this weekend  A hard google to break in to but this is a solid domain to do it with.  Easy easy sight to make   Big insurance name.   That’s because they cause half of the accidents.  Take away alcohol and teenagers and traffic accidents would drop by 95% 🙂  The only reason this is for sale is because the dude’s too high to remember to renew it.    He did have the best weed though

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Congratulations with the sales. Seems you are on a run there!

    Are you actively marketing them to end-users, or do they approach you?

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