Sunday’s Dropping Domains: Get ‘Em While They’re Goofing Off

Jun 06 2010

The weekend is a good time to get names that are at auction.  People get busy and are off goofing off for the weekend and occasionally some names slip through.  Some of my better buys have been on weekends and holidays.  Here are a few names that are worth taking a look at. There are a couple of big boy names in this group Already over $15,000 this one isn’t cheap and it shouldn’t be.  Between the cities and the ever popular race, this is one of the better names to come across GoDaddy With a $9 CPC, forex domains are always in demand.  That’s because everyone hears how much money you can make but haven’t a clue what Forex is.  I’ll give you a hint, buy the domains DON’T trade Forex A great call to action domain.  A nice descriptive name I don’t register celebrity names and even though he wears fishnet hose sometimes, he could still kick my ass so I’ll certainly pass on this one I think Sammy Sosa let this one drop.  Of course it was so he could buy You could sell this to half the guys in New Jersey This name is at $985 and I don’t get it.  I like Doug Flutie.  I admit,  it was a hell of a pass but but unless that’s him buying the name, he needs to watch out.  He’s got a stalker You hear me talking about quality 5Ls.  Here is one.  I’m in this one deep and not afraid to say it Why do I like this one.  Tell someone to go to and it’s something they will remember and will spell it easily.  Also has some age as a 1996 register

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  1. tricolorro

    “ Why do I like this one. Tell someone to go to and it’s something they will remember and will spell it easily.”

    Nah. On this one I have to disagree.

    Very problematic.


    “Tell someone to go to”

    They may very well go to “”.

    1. Post author

      I missed that one. “Very Problematic” is a bit of an overkill. The BP spill is very problematic. The name is only $60 so it may cut the value in half 🙂

  2. brian

    ya, i dont get, then again, i dont get alot of domain name. anyone know know what close at? was at namejet

  3. tricolorro

    ““Very Problematic” is a bit of an overkill.”

    Shane, you never heard of hyperbole? 🙂

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