Friday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Ahhhh the beauty of not updating my WordPress sites and having many sites.  Most of my sites were hacked despite my super duper incredible password on all my sites.  I can easily tell which of my sites were hacked because they all had an added administrator named JohnnyA.  At the footer of each site was a nice little javascript insert that did something malwarey.  Upgraded the wordpress, cleaned off the scripts, changed all the passwords and now we look pretty good.  Only had to do this 20 times.  I figured while I was there I might as well blend all the ads so they meshed with the fonts, colors and layout.  Although it took a lot of time it did lead to a 100% increase in ad revenue for me and I don’t think its a fluke because it’s been 3 days straight.  So the negative is I was hacked, the positive, I am going to make a ton of money because of it.  Now onto today’s names. I can’t decide if I like this one or not I see a parts company like Napa using this slogan and website I wouldn’t pay very much for this one but I like it and it’s a 1999 domain CVCV = cash.  Will go for over $1K You’ll have to talk to my wife to find out why this one is valuable.  She just tells me it is See above An Epik site in the making.  Lotta people looking for flares.  Sailors and………sailors Big name but who knows what the reserve is

PS I hope Lebron doesn’t ever win a Championship.   Miami?  Please

Domain of the Day: