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The Government CAN and WILL Take Your Domain Name If They Think You Are Breaking the Law

It looks like there is a whole new wrinkle in the “somebody can come in and take your domain” game that is becoming a prevalent part of domaining.  From companies claiming that you are infringing on their trademarks to outright domain theft there has always been a fear that you could lose a very valuable domain overnight.  Now there’s another entity that has entered in the “take your domain” game.   The US government and ICANN have now teamed up to take back ie seize domains that they think are harming the Internet.  Domains that they deem to be a threat to national security and interstate commerce. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security seized nine domain names: Movies-links.TV,,,,,,, and

Federal authorities shut the illegal businesses down by seizing assets from 15 bank, PayPal, investment and advertising accounts. They also executed residential search warrants in several states.

The head of ICE, John Morton, says that the number of illegal movie sites is dramatically rising both in the U.S. and abroad, and organized crime is behind some of them. So just as they would go in and storm a drug house, seizing all cash and property, the US government has done the same thing for file sharing sites except instead of taking the Ferrari, they’re taking the domain (of course the domains taken are quite Ferrari quality)

I’m not saying this is wrong or right but it does show that ICANN is an absolutely powerless entity that can be pushed aside by the US government.  It also shows that the government knows that the easiest way to shut down a business is to shut down their website.  The easiest way to shut down their website?  Take their domain.

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  1. Now that the lovely red-headed Russian has been sent back to her homeland, what do you think will happen to her

    Think it’ll also be seized?


  2. That’s just great.

    So what am I supposed to do with now? I was going to try and sell it to you.

  3. This is not good at all for future of domain industry!!!

    Just be sensible!..

    CAN The Government Take Your home or business (shops, companies…etc) If They Think You Are Breaking the Law?


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