Friday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Aug 06 2010

Yesterday had a ton a great names dropping and if you have money there are plenty of strong names up for sale in the aftermarket as well.   I will say the market has completely come back full circle yet it is still a great time to buy…….and sell.  Finding a bargain is certainly possible but there are less and less each day.  Now onto the names 5L dot com and 1996 register.  Already plenty of bidders Every person’s dream and plenty of work at home scams to sell through this one.  $8300 valuate.  Just think how many medical transcriptionist are going to created with your domain You wanna sell fish? This is one of those domains that nobody thinks has value and then BAM! some company comes and gives you good money for it I’ll say a prayer for you………..for a $1 Certainly worth more than the $25 its at now

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