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The Little War of Words Between Owen, Fusible, Rick Scwartz and Acro Has a Winner

There has been a rather entertaining war of words between some of the more widely read bloggers in the domaining world.   I have to admit it’s mostly fueled by the type A, hot tempered Owen Frager, but emotion can drive both brilliance and stupidity. Owen, like all of us, shows bits of each.  I’ve enjoyed the banter and being the mouthy opinionated person that I am as well, I’ve declared a winner.   Nobody………They’re all good people

I am relatively new to the domaining world.  I am not new to the business world.  I have created my brick and mortar empire through hard work, long hours, and building a good staff.  I don’t have to brag about who I am or what I do.  You simply have to visit my stores, talk to my staff, or meet me in person and you will quickly find out that I love money and I love life.  I appreciate and respect those that are doing well in either.  I respect and admire those that achieved great wealth and respect just as much, those who concentrate on creating a enjoyable, fulfilled life.  What I see in these recent blog posts are those that not yet reached fulfillment.

Owen has every reason to be proud of what he has accomplished.  He’s built a great business with major clients.  His way of marketing is to continue to publish and make aware of all of his accomplishments through his posts.  His blog is his public relations campaign to attract new clients.  As a domainer, and I think others agree, I don’t need to hear about more happy clients.  I am sure he has plenty of customers that are pleased with his work.  I really don’t care.  He has nothing left to prove to me.  I want to hear how he made them happy.  I want to learn from Mr. Frager not see the results.  I know the results.  That is my end point. I want to hear the journey.

As for Rick Schwartz.  You are naive to not have some sort of respect for Mr. Schwartz.  Self titled king or not, he has made more money in domaining than 99% of us ever will.  Whether you like what comes out of his mouth or not, he deserves some respect.  When you’ve accomplished what he has , you have earned the right to take off the filter every once in a while.  Those that don’t know Rick think it he is always about himself.  But if you ask anyone who has actually tried to reach out to him then you will realize he is on your team.  He is more than happy to try and help you in any way he can.  To judge him by his words without talking to him in person is presumptuous.  I’m sure at times he is ruthless, at other times he’s mean.  How do I know?  All business men are.  You have to be to make money.  My job as a businessman is to take money out of someone else’s pocket.  Wealth is not created out of the air.  It’s taken from others and in that act you’re going to piss some people off.  Could Rick smooth out his rough spots and tone it down a bit?  Sure but then his name would be Rob Monster

Now let’s move on to Acro or Theo.   The man deserves just as much respect as the two above.  He is very intelligent.  I think even Theo will admit his intelligence actually gets in his way sometimes.  He over thinks things sometimes.  He wants to put his thoughts into perfect words.  Most of us don’t have the vernacular that he has and like me, write like a 7th grader.  Theo’s writing is so well written that most of us don’t “get it”.  Theo has been doing this for a living a long time.  He is the king of DnForum and knows almost everyone in this industry.  His design skills are unmatched and his ability to design and create a site in such a short time is uncanny.  Theo is not one of the “new era” of domainers.  He is actually an old school domainer that is coming out of the shadows.  He too has nothing to prove and if you read his blog, makes no effort to boost his ego.  What he does want is to have fun.  His DomainGang blog is his outlet for his brain.  It allows him to be an alter ego and make fun and joke about what many take very serious.  Combine this intelligence, sarcastic writing, and comedy, and you are going to ruffle some feathers.  I admit, I don’t get half his jokes.  I take some of his comments personally.  But you know what? When I have a problem I call him. That’s what real men do.  They talk things out, they get on the phone and discuss their differences.  Theo and I have done this several times, and that’s why I respect Theo.   And that brings me to…..

Fusible.  I love the writing and in depth research of this blog.  There are angles and stories that I find very interesting.  But at this point, that’s all it is to me.  Why, because I have no face to put to it.  Do you need a face to enjoy the writing?  Absolutely not.  I only need a face if I am going to develop a further relationship.   If they don’t want to release their names it isn’t that big of deal.  It only becomes a big deal when they call out others.  I find it an unfair fight when someone calls someone out but then hides behind a keyboard.  It’s an unfair fight.  It leaves no one accountable for the voice.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don’t value the opinion of someone without a background.  I don’t care what that background is, what they’ve accomplished, or how old they are.  That is no importance.  What I respect is someone that says, this is who I am and this is what I think.  That drives intelligent discussion.  Well, maybe not intelligent discussion but at least it’s discussion and I enjoy it.  Let me get this straight.  I respect Fusible for protecting their privacy and their family from the crazies of the world, but if you want to protect all of that, stay off the Internet and certainly don’t call them crazies.

Again, only my opinions and none of this may be fact, it’s as I see it as is everything on this blog

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14 Replies to “The Little War of Words Between Owen, Fusible, Rick Scwartz and Acro Has a Winner”

  1. The winner is Shane with an impressive 3h 16 Marathon time! 😀

    Nice write-up, Shane, I think you pretty much described the characteristics of a few good people in the domain industry. Most important thing to remember, we are all human and not digital projections ‘The Matrix’ style. I respect Rick even more after describing his cat loss earlier today.

    Some blogs are personality outlets and sometimes toes are stepped on. Other times, friendships are made stronger after the initial argument dissolves. I think that with 120 blogs or so, the domain community is often intense in the way statements are declared. Now, if we could only put that combined energy into one strong fist, we’d surely show the outside world what domains are all about 🙂

  2. Shane be careful how you stick your head up dude! there is a war going on and words are being fired wildly so u might get hit. lol…lol…this is all real fun tho and i suspect it will soon end. would really like to know who these Fusible guys are tho. Would make the fight more fun.

  3. Nice post, it put’s things into perspective. Shoot, I need to start my own Domaining blog so I can get in the fray 🙂 This is what happens when you get a bunch of type A personalities in one ring. At the end of the day we all had a good read and a laugh and everybody’s blog ratings spiked, not such a bad thing after all.

  4. Its all trivial arguments to me Who really cares! Lets get back to discussing how to make money with domain development. Im a professional poker player and would be willing to trade info. 🙂

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