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Friday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auction Picks

Boys and girls there’s a lot of crap in these waters and every night I swim around and try and find some names. I do it for you and especially for me.  Of course, I have limited myself to a certain niche of names so in actuality I really don’t pick off too many of the names.  Maybe two or three a week.  Even when I do.  If I do it less than 1 minute before auction end at namejet or snapnames there are the copycats that put in a bid just to see what happens.  They names have been a little weak. There are some decent names out there but nothing that’s going to let you quit your day job. Here are some of the names I like today. Names are good.  Even when they’re spelled all crazy like this.  Crazy seems to be the norm in today’s naming convention. I really like this name. Can be a credit score name or a Lifelock name.  Either way I would think a company would want this one. Easy flip at $100 It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it easy easy to spell and it’s a 1999 4L dot com.  My guess would be between $500 and $1000 Makes a hell of a lot more sense than ATHletics.  Someone knew this all the way back in 1999.  Last century. 5500 searches, $2.78 CPC and a $4500 valuate 80% of all girls born in the last 10 years are named this 15,000 searches on this one.  A ton of ads and a reasonable $1.48.  Will go cheap Great letters if you’re into sexy letters. 34 bidders are Last time I check people are watching and using these. 6700 searches This was worth $500 a few years ago but if you pick it up for a few hundred you won’t lose money I laugh just typing that one out.  You would get 2 visitors a day.  Chelsey and some lesbian.

And of course, don’t like my names?  Go find your own at Dropday

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  1. Re: the Kaitlyn naming comment. Ha! Ha! Certain amount of truth there – and here in the UK we’re just getting into the Princess Kate madness as a Royal wedding approaches in April… very nice as well.

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