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It’s a term we’re using every day.  A term that some like and some don’t, but it seems to have replaced the term domain investor and encompassed all the business models that include domains. It’s a name that sits there idle, waiting for someone to monetize it.  Do you think you have a way to monetize it?  The owner, Goed Bekeken, will give you that opportunity and all you have to do is split the gross revenue.

In reality it’s not a bad deal.  It’s a name that everyone in our field recognizes and is used almost daily.  You can get use a major name in exchange for half the revenue. A nice chance for someone with little money and big ideas.  Not everyone in the industry has a ton of money and this would provide opportunity.  But there is a reason it sits idle.

Most people in our field would much rather own the domain than lease.  Domainers tend to be the lessee rather than the lessor.  Our business model tends to be buy and flip or buy and develop, with the emphasis being on the buy.  We’re not the creative idea people.  The creative idea people are the ones that buy the domains from us.  Of course I speak in generality, because there are some great minds in our industry, but overall in the last few years there has been very little game changing companies introduced by people within our field (here come the comments).

The other obvious choice would be a domain community.  A community that has already been built over at   In my mind there isn’t much reason to build another.  Adding another would just make them both struggle. A social site for domainers is a nice idea but there’s no money in it and remember you’re going to share half the revenues but not half the costs. Those are all yours.  I think these are the reasons it sits idle.  Like many fantastic names, it’s difficult to build a business model that will provide profits.  The owner, like me, is struggling to think of a way to develop  Do you have a way to make money with the domain (other than sell it)?   If so and feel like sharing, I’d love to hear it.  That is unless it’s so good you want to go directly to and share it directly so nobody steals your concept

PS.  I’m not brokering the name and have no vested interest nor do I even know the owner.  But if the name sells as a result of this I would like to be paid handsomely

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  1. Use it to educate the public about domainers and what we do. That we are not just cybersquatters but businesspeople and some of us are apparently even great minds.
    Publish all the “positive” Stories that are out there in the domaining community

  2. The site could be a goldmine and should be constructed to educate the public about all facets of our industry. Lots of potential to generate revenue with advertising.

  3. @ Lennard re: “Publish all the “positive” Stories that are out there in the domaining community”

    That would be a mini-site, then.

    I’d say put up a picture of a half-naked chic with an “ENTER” button underneath. Sell that link.

    Or, you could sell domains on it. That would be a novel idea.

    If all else fails, turn it into a banner farm. It worked in the 90ies.

  4. @yanni sounds like you are into pimping domains. 🙂

    I agree with David, I would turn it into something informative for the public to understand more about this diverse industry. In my opinion the name isn’t doing anyone justice without a site underneath it.

  5. How about setting up a portal where domainers pitch their domain names for developments ideas and to get JV partners. No more information sites for God’s sake.
    Audience could come in as Investor, CSS developer and Proposer. Roughly how it goes here:
    Proposer – an owner of a domain name with some kind of development ideas. Pitch the idea in a forum and get supporters in terms of strategies, monetary etc. (Free)
    CSS developer – well, software developers who could sell their web-softwares via In return, gets a commission for every sales. Who knows, the incentive will be so great that a WordPress killer may emerge:). gets 5%
    Investor – angel investor looking for investment opportunities. Again, could act as a deal broker (….).
    Just my two cents.

  6. Actually the owner’s company name “Goed Bekeken” is dutch for “Well Thought Out”.

    So I guess that’s exactly what their business model is all about, letting other people come up with innovative ways of making money with their internet domains in exchange for sharing 50% of the potential profits. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. The developer can use a quality domain with no costs up-front and the domain owner can see the domain developed and monitized without needing any budget to do so.

  7. it’s funny, I’ve seen that page more than a year ago, and it’s probably been that way for much longer. I even contacted them and offered my service, I’m a developer, I would develop it myself and share the profits.

    I think there are a lot of ideas, including domain auction site, like bido but focused around quality domains and it could even be a combination of things. But I think the worst thing you can do is have such a great name and just do nothing for years. The fact is there won’t be a one great idea but any idea will make some profit and increase the value of the domain.

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