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Jun 25 2010

Last night I had a funny thing happen to me.  I’m part of a television show called Illinois Gardener (google it).  It’s a live call in show that started as a local show but was picked up all over the midwest.  Every once in a while we tape a show to be shown during times that one of the “talent” can’t be there.  Last night we filmed the live show and immediately followed it and taped a show.  In between shows I was feeling a little giddy.  I used a tiny bit of foul language and was being a little off color.  Nothing too bad but perhaps not safe for everyone.  As we took our first caller he said two things.  “one, I’d like to say I love your show, two for some reason while waiting on the line I could every thing you guys were saying and that Shane is a pretty funny guy”   Now onto the names I love this name.  For $15 you can do a lot with this name A nice cooking name Another nice cooking name or sunburn name Oil or porn?  you decide I have a few employees that use this word every day.  It goes like this  “Shane I don’t understand, could you splane that one more time”

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  1. Tia Wood

    “fifth generation nurseryman….His family’s original nursery, Onarga Nursery, was founded in 1865”

    That’s a business with strong roots! Pun intended… 😀

    Do you have pictures from the 1800s of your family’s business you can post? I love that stuff.

    1. Post author

      I’ll see if I can dig some up. We had a fire in the 40s that burned up most of the good one. I look pretty good for 1865 don’t I? 🙂

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