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The Weekly 5L dot Com Sales and Auction Report

Another fantastic week for 5 letter dot coms.  There were some 5Ls on Sedo and NameJet that hit some nice numbers in the auctions.  I was part of many and sold another $800 worth this week with yesterday’s name hitting roughly $350, a fair price but I think the buyer can still turn this for more money in a year or so.   DnJournal is the source of the prices but for some reason they left off Namejet auctions but of course I was part of all the 5L auctions so I listed the top from last week below as well $5499 (NameJet) $5000 (Sedo) $4392 (Sedo) $5000 (GD) $3899 (Moniker) $2350 (Moniker) $1076  (NameJet) ($1100) and were from last week and both reached $3000 but not sure if I reported them.  (NameJet)

I noticed there is also a nice 5l at Sedo right now about to close as well is already at $800 and should break $1000 making it yet another 5L to break into the $XXXX area    (not my domain)

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