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Friday’s Fantastic Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks

Today’s names aren’t quite as strong as yesterday’s.  Actually that’s a big understatement, like saying Nextel phones aren’t as hot as they used to be or that Fusible might like video games and gambling.  Yesterday was a tough day (sarcasm), I didn’t make yet another “favorite blogs” list.  .  Of course the list is like saying that Michael Jordan is my favorite player.  Not much of a stretch.  Thanks to SL for the love in the comments though.  Made my day (not sarcasm).    Now onto today’s names 1997 Birthday.  I’ve never been to OceanFest but it sure sounds like a good time Could be a big name if it wasn’t about Greece because the headlines every day would be “Financial Woes Continue” No offense Theo, don’t take it personally, not a big fan of Florida either. Reminds me of my favorite discount cruise. 1997 Birthday I think this is my second .co ever on my list.  20 bidders and obviously worth more than $69 but won’t go for that anyway. I think would be more fitting for most people on the Internet Perhaps the easiest website in the world.  Bread, dip in egg, fry in pan, add syrup.  Done.  Now go make the website Two buzzwords in one domain. Keeper Certainly worth $180 You can get an info to the front page and this is a great product domain  I love the name. Obviously not a keyword name but if you are going to sell socks, I can’t think of a better name other than

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  1. Um… SockShop, BuySocks, SockStore, etc. etc. Sockaholic sounds kinda gross.
    I like the listing. It’s not so great that I would backorder necessarily, but it’s nice seeing the extension get some love here for strong keywords.

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