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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks :

I was gone all day yesterday on a business and had a little time on the way home so I visited my grandparents.  I hadn’t really sat down and talked to them in months and even then it wasn’t long enough,  so I decided to spend a few hours with them. My grandfather is an amazing man.  A bit crazy at times but one of the hardest working, smartest men you’ll ever meet. Even in his mid 80’s he’s brilliant.  The first thing he said to me was “You still doing that domain thing?”  My first thought was I was amazed that someone his age would even remember what it was called.  But then he said “I wish you and I would have gotten in that a little earlier”.   The man has millions of dollars, is mid 80s and still has the instinct to try and make money.  Gotta love it .   I also found out my Mom reads this every day so I need to watch my language.  Hi Mom.  Now let’s see if we can find any money makers today. Obviously a trademark issue but a fantastic name anyway. It’s not often you see a dot info with 68 bidders but this is one of the better dot infos I’ve seen Old domain that was used for Illegal Vegetables Quarterly magazine.  A magazine about the smuggling of designer vegetables into the US.  Not a very popular website. I think you could do better with the name. Great 5L dot com. Sounds like a drug or a superhero 1998 Birthday.  Not a truly valuable but you might get some typin traffic from southerners that think that’s what you put in your gun. You could run away with this one. No bidders at press time I think people are interested in this just because of its Birthday of 1994 MMM MMM MMMMMMM.  “Excuse me ma’am, what are you saying?”  “I Saaaid I would like to make a deposit?” Insects or sand dunes Nothing funny to say here. HUGE CPC here.  No bidders. Calculators get good traffic

I could go on for days with all the dot nets at auction today.  See all the rest with dropday

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4 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks :”

  1. Would be cool if your granddad bought 🙂

    Your mom is watching this. Are you sure you still want number eight on your list?

  2. Shout out to family support. I’m starting a fund for my own G’mother, and at $5 a week, she’ll be looking at a Frank Schilling .com property on her 145th B’day.

    Like you, I gotta point out the Wii TM issue here. I love the stats, but if you make money with this domain, Ninetendo can go after you. You can own it, and figure out how to monetize by selling anything BUT “something” that could be misconstrued for a video console, and have lots of visitors. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself open for a fight.

    Great post, like every morning.

  3. *

    I suppose one must always take care of one’s words.

    Always act as if your grandparents, wife, children, pastor, boss, etc. are looking over your shoulder.

    Yeah, I agree about that TM domain. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

    Why buy trouble?


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