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Friday’s Potpourri of Domain Auction and Drop Picks

After watching the drop in the market yesterday I am thinking about putting some of money back in the market.  There is HUGE volatility in options right now and the more volatility the better chance to make some cash.  I am going to tell you right now I am going to be short the market.  My business went stagnant the last three weeks and my account receivables are at all time highs.  I think we are teetering on the edge.  Technology is doing fine. People would rather have an iPhone than eat right now. I’m not calling for all hell to break loose, just saying it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  That being said,  I am still a buyer in the dot com domain market.  Maybe these names even. I think people still play golf.  117 bidders think they do. 1996 Birthday.  Techie for pro user I’m only putting this up because it already has 26 bids.  This is the kind of name I make most of my money on. I’ll give you the slogan “Join the Pack” Keyless and remote are the future of locks and doors.  I actually don’t really know but I’d like to think we won’t have to carry keys soon Morgan Freeman was the voice that raised me but that’s a different Electric Company Good call to action dot org.  11 year old name Get some patches on the elbows if you want to look smart Not sure if it’s worth a lot more than the drop charge but definitely maybe

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Don’t short the market man. I enjoy your blog and don’t want to see you go away due to the stock market go down big or worst it goes back up. U just never know. If things are slow consider taking a vacation. Elliot did and is I think. 🙂

    1. Uncle,

      I’ll be fine. Not negative on everything. It’s a pure trading play. I think the market will test a few lows. I’m not going anywhere. Elliot and I have different responsibilities and my wife’s company is also very busy. Hawaii had to wait until thanksgiving. Took off today to spend full day with my daughter. Just her and I. No money can replace that

  2. Golf domain names are always a good seller. Seems Elliot made good past domain names sales in the golf niche.

    ElectricCompany dot com is a cool energy-related site. However, I wouldn’t take a chance because a company site doesn’t seem lucrative to me unless you own ones like marketing and advertising company. We know who owns advertising company dot com. The King.

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