Here Are a Few of the Domains I Didn’t Win At Auction

Aug 06 2011

I don’t bid on a tremendous amount of names at NameJet.  Ideally I try and get me names privately but as you’ve seen from my daily lists, there are a tremendous amount of fantastic names that come up daily.  I’m probably not any different than many domain investors in that I would like many more domains than I can afford. My budget is probably bigger than many but nowhere near what the “pros” are throwing out there each day. I have to be much more selective to my niches than they do.  I usually wait until the end to bid so I often I never even place a bid once it goes above my price expectations.  Here are a few of the domains over the last week that I participated in the auction but fell a little (or a lot) short of the final price.   I was out at $600.  Ironically I went to a sports store and with two hours left in the auction, saw a Nike shirt at the entry that said “runner’s high” in bold letter on the front.  It was a sign but at $2K I figured I would never do anything with it and it isn’t in my plant niche so it would just become a collectable for me.   My first though.  Alright a plant name, I want it.  Very quickly I realized I didn’t stand a chance. Final price $45,200  I need one so I figured I’d buy the name and make enough money to get on.  I was willing to spend $20K.  I never had to get out my paddle. Sailed past it to $33,633  I was actively bidding until my wife leaned over my shoulder and told me that most people want guitar lessons and not guitar classes.  I think she saved me $1912  It’s my perfect type of 5L.  This IS what I specialize in.  Willing to go to $1250 or so but soared past this to $1775 because it also means tires in Spanish.   I own a few repellent names and sell insect repellents so I went after this one.  Willing to go to $1500 and new that this would probably not do it so when it finished at $3000 I wasn’t very dissapointed.  Not a bad price for the name but perhaps on the high side for a non plural product domain.  I’m not a supporter but really wanted the name to have some fun with family members. $2800 was a bit steep for me to use for a few funny emails.  Way over my head.  I knew it was a good name but went for 3 times what I thought it would go for.  Watcher from the first second the auction started.

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      That’s exactly what came to mind. And I sell an incredible rabbit repellent and I just registered for $8. Your domain will work out perfect. I just have to build the site

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