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GoDaddy VIP Program: If You Have Over 300 Domains and They Get Stolen, You Deserve It

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I’ve read a lot of articles over the last few months about domains being stolen at Godaddy. Names that didn’t have to be lost if the owners had made a little effort.   If you have over three hundred domains, and most of us do, and they’re at Godaddy, then you have no excuse for having them stolen. You can sign up for the free Godaddy VIP service and never have to worry about it again.

A few months ago I received a phone call from Godaddy rep that said he wanted to talk.  I was a little nervous as I had just written an article blasting the company and thought they were calling to “discuss” the issue.  I can dish it out and I can take it as well but have to admit,  Godaddy was a little bigger opponent than I was used to dealing with.

Fortunately they weren’t calling about the article per se.  They had read the article and wanted to offer me a VIP membership.  I immediately switched to thinking I was being sold.  The rep said that Godaddy enjoyed my site and felt that I deserved to be in their VIP program. Despite the fact I was a little short the normal requirement of 300 domains (I think I’m over that now), evidently  they give the memberships to “visible” people and my blog made me visible.

So here’s basically what you get with the membership (there are more things I’m sure but I don’t use them).  The most important thing is the assigned rep.  He/She takes care of your account, watching over it.  You get special rates, remind you of renewals,  and call you to verify that a domain is being transferred out.  In short, nothing comes out of your account without a personal phone call to you and having you give the OK.  It essentially keeps your domains from ever getting stolen.

I have to admit it’s a pain in the ass when I want to get domains out.  No nights and weekends because the reps don’t work those hours.  It’s a trade off you give to keep your assets safe.  It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to because it’s forced me to be a little more organized.  I also realize that I don’t want to sell to someone that’s not willing to wait until the next business day for a transaction.  In short, once you get used to it, it works well.

I realize Godaddy is not for everyone. I also use Moniker quite a bit as well but for those of you that do use Godaddy and meet the requirements, I would suggest giving it a try.

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19 Replies to “GoDaddy VIP Program: If You Have Over 300 Domains and They Get Stolen, You Deserve It”

  1. Personally I think 300 domains is a little weak to be considered vip, given .info reg’s and all, I think it should be for people with at least 1,000 domains there, also exceptions have to be made for small stronger portfolios, but if it is just for 300 domains, it will not feel like a vip program for long.

    1. Ryan,

      Too funny. Not VIP enough. This isn’t about feeling superior to others . It’s about Godaddy coming up with a spending level that they deem worth giving extra services. It’s not a nightclub trying to make make you look cool.

  2. I’ve used the Godaddy VIP service and it was great HOWEVER, I’ve had to cancel it as it was detrimental to my sales due to the fact that they were not available during nights and weekends.
    I’ve had two instances where I almost lost the sale and one where the delay allowed the buyer a “cooling off” period and a reduction in the sale price. This was all in the first week I started using it! Impulse buys require fast responses. International sales could be in the middle of the night.

    One time the system had an error and locked up the “Transfer Release” not just for me but for others as well and this was near the end of the day. I was told by my rep that the “one guy” they had who was the only one that can get into the system and manually unlock it had went home for the day. It took two days to fix that.

    True VIP service is 24/7/365. Returned verification calls guaranteed within at least 15 minutes with an immediate transfer release.

    I would go back to it if they would implement improvements.

    Right now I secure the names with constant password changes and changing the whois info to lock the names down for 60 days at a time to disallow transfers out of godaddy…

  3. Netsol offers a VIP program as well.

    Best of all, the Netsol CEO does not kill innocent animals, videotape it for PR and beat his chest as a sign of victory!

  4. *

    My rep called and offered another level of protection that would include a “code” that does not appear anywhere on my account. I accepted it.

    Whenever a transfer out is initiated, the rep calls, and I have to give my code.

    It works. I initiated a transfer out, and he called to verify it.

    Just remember to write your code down somewhere safe and offline.


  5. All registrars have screwed up in the past.
    Some more than others.

    I guess you go with the one you feel safe with.
    Godaddy has never had problems with losing domains.
    And they are big enough to go grab it back if it does get stolen.

    Signing up for VIP program is a no brainer.
    They have a long history of domains.

    The one thing I hate them for is they make changes to the software without testing it enough and twice that has caused me problems. TEST the code before you give it to us!!

  6. Shane,

    if godaddy gives vip to everyone with 300 domans, how long before service levels suffer, don’t need to look cool, but need to maintain essential service levels. Yes, timing is everything in domain sales.

  7. This is a fantastic service that will certainly secure your domains.
    It’s not for the active trader. Fabulous is another registrar
    that offers a FOB for additional security. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Actually, they could just add one extra layer of security by having their system send an SMS/text message to the opted in mobile phone, when the transfer is initiated. No need for phone call.

    Where the registrant doesn’t have a SMS enabled phone, they could just push a system generated recorded message to the normal phone or even have an IVR with options to “proceed” or “hold”.

    Not only godaddy but any registrar could integrate such security layer.

  9. I can’t believe someone here actually thinks Net Sol is worth mentioning. Wow. NSI better have VIP service for the price you pay , nuff said

  10. There was a time when I used GoDaddy VIP service, but lost 2 critical domain sales because of the nightly shifts. Waiting for a true ‘VIP’ service that works 365 days a year 24 hrs a day. Maybe something like an automated phone call, press 2 to authorize etc.

  11. “I also realize that I don’t want to sell to someone that’s not willing to wait until the next business day for a transaction.”

    Maybe I need the sales much more than you do!

    1. Gregg,

      You probably need it more than me. The weekend wait is an issue. Overnight is only 12hours. Scammers LOVE quick transactions

  12. I am not a big fan of GoDaddy, and honestly, this article reinforces that feeling. VIP services offered to those who are “visible” otherwise your investments are at risk of being stolen does not seem like a fair program. I would think GoDaddy would want to protect the interests of all of their customers and clients.

  13. Hi, Shane! Thanks, as always, for your kind support of Go Daddy. I just wanted to offer some reassurance regarding the availability of the Executive Account Managers.

    Although your assigned Account Manager won’t be available at all times, there is a team of Account Managers who are available Monday through Friday from 6am to 11pm and also on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 9pm. Should a need arise for assistance outside of these times, we do have our standard 24/7 support team who is available to support you during those few remaining hours.

    I hope this helps to clear up any confusion. Feel free to contact our Executive Account Team with any questions.

    Our Account Team telephone number is 480-505-8885.

    –Wendy Dickerman

  14. I’ve been a loyal Godaddy fan from Day 1. Their Executive Account department rocks and they serve as my right hand. Their advanced security features are back to the basics – which works.

  15. Even i love using GD thanks to their prices. But i still believe it would be a cheaper and more practical option to use sms verification.
    By the way dynadot offers the sms verification for any account modifications including transfers to everyone for free, so even they are an option.

  16. As far as I know, it is 500 domains for their VIP program. We’ve had a number of issues as well. But being able to get the 60 day transfer lock removed is a huge plus.

  17. Hello To All
    Before anyone misunderstands. Read the comment from Wendy Dickerman
    on May 13. That should clarify the hours situation. I have gotten on late in
    the evening and was directed to an account manager. Their people are great !!
    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather lose the sale than the domain. You
    can always sell again. If you lose the domain you’ve lost both. No brainer!!

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