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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks : Up Today

A real nice story in the domaining world yesterday with TeenDomainer winning a scholarship yesterday.  It was well deserved but I never really liked the overachieving, nice as can be, aw shucks kind of teens.  They scare me.  It’s as if I know they are doing the things that I wish I would have when I was younger and it want to throw them in a room with the Winklevoss twins and force them to underachieve.  Then again, everyone needs to make some stupid mistakes, be dead broke, or have trouble finding a girlfriend.  Of course, I never went through any of those, I’m just sayin’. Now onto the names. three number dot com.  Gonna be HUGE I am going to buy this for my wife, put her picture up, and give it to her for her birthday to show….well…….my appreciation.  That, or buy her a new convertible BMW.  I can’t decide which one. One of the better three character dot coms I’ve seen lately. One of my favorite names in the last few months.  Great dating site name    Update:  just a wish list name meaning it probably won’t go up for auction unless the bid goes WAY up Fo Shizzle this is a nice name Double repeater adds some value Go ahead and get the pair Good deal at $69 with no bidders.  Better than a lot of the dot cm junk I see around I think these are the aliens from District 9.   There are 24 bidders so they must be fans of the movie (to avoid the comments, this is sarcasm, I know what a prawn is)

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