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Good Job! Heather Pierre at Internet Traffic

I get so tired of the articles about all the bad experiences that people have at domain related businesses.  If you run a business of any size you know that there will be issues.  Real or perceived, they all need to get taken care of.  Some do while others don’t get resolved quite like you hope.  Most of the problems could be taken care behind closed doors with a simple email or call but as a blogger you tend to think you have some sort of power.  We think that our articles will get things taken care of that otherwise would not have.  In many cases I do agree. If all the calls and emails don’t work the last result is to let others know “I had a bad experience”.  But what hardly ever gets posted is when people do a great job. So once a week I am going to try and post an article about someone that did things right. Who did a great job resolving issues that I had.  Today’s “Good Job!” goes to Heather Pierre of Internet Traffic.

I’ve had a few questions about things at Internet Traffic and the person that always seems to get my ticket or question is Heather Pierre.  My first question was a combination of simple and silly.  I wanted to know what day of the month payments went out and secondly, where was my rum cake.  I really didn’t care too much about the rum cake. I just like presents and wondered if I was low ranking in the system and didn’t get one.  Heather immediately replied, was very nice,  and gave me the exact address that the rum cake was delivered to even knowing that it was left at the front door.  The address happened to be to our company in Florida and sure enough my Dad had gotten it and was ready to dig in.  He thought it was his Christmas present so that’s what it became.

My second question was a more recent question asking why I didn’t get my payment in December.  It was over $1000 so I was little upset I hadn’t received it. I used a pretty harsh tone because I was told it would be at the end of the month. That same day, Heather politely let me know it went out on the 31st, told me the Bank and account and that it should be there. She had every detail in the email.   Sure enough there it was.  I embarrassingly didn’t see it because I had a few other wire transfers at the end of the year and grouped it in with those.

What I liked about Heather is she was polite, knew I was wrong, but still acted like perhaps it was their fault and would do what it took to make it right.  Simple words like “if this isn’t the case, let me know”.  She also responded immediately. Everyone sends out those “we got your ticket and someone will answer it soon” and IT does do that but they actually get back to you.   So good job Heather, I appreciate your hard work.  While it may be commonplace and how all business should be done, the fact is it isn’t.

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  1. Sounds like after eating your humble pie, you owe Heather a rum cake 😉

    IT is a class outfit. Nice article.

  2. That’s exactly why I’ve started – to share your experience on domaining industry related services and companies

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